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Don't forget about mobile traffic

The number of people using smartphones is ever increasing. I bet you've got one. I bet most people you know have one. So why is it that so many sites in New Zealand and internationally don't cater for the mobile user? If you're like me, you'll use your phone when you're out and about to look around the web. But more often than not I am presented with the same site as you would on a computer.

When you are walking around a mall trying to look at a website that's made for a 21" screen, things can get a little tricky.

Ideally you would navigate to a beautiful site, optimised for mobile (either using a responsive design, like this site, or a separate mobile version of the site). As it's optimised you can easily find what you are looking for, and maybe even buy it while not at a computer. You may be on your couch at home, too comfortable to get up. Online retailers need to make it easier for people to buy whenever and wherever they're in the mood.

On average, 30% of visits to your site come from a mobile device (if not more), and yet more than 70% of all sites in New Zealand aren't mobile optimised.  Why are retailers making it hard for people to buy their products?

If you have a website, grab your iPhone and check it out. If you were a customer, would you take the time to navigate around it? Can you actually buy something?