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Instagram accounts to get you through the winter.

Chelsea Jade Metcalf. This incredible singer goes by the name of Watercolours. She features strongly in my winter playlist and Instagram feed.

Georgia Vermeer. This girl is stunning. Her Instagram is a stream of fashion and holiday snaps that will have you dreaming of Bali. As if we needed more convincing to take a holiday.

Kirsty Godso. If you need some motivation to go to the gym, here she is. You’re welcome.

The Club of Odd Volumes. This Australian based online shop has unique and beautiful things. 

1am are a magazine / collection of fashion directors based in NZ and Sydney. They have a fresh, colourful and cutting edge perspective on fashion.

Pocket Square. Follow us. We like to have fun and take awkward pictures of it. Go on, make our day.

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