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Kate Sylvester's 21st

7th July 2014

On Friday night I was lucky enough to attend the 21st birthday celebrations of a brand I have admired for many years. Dubbed “fashion’s party of the year” by the NZ Herald, Kate Sylvester’s 21st birthday party was a beautiful and intimate evening full of glamorous faces and plenty of surprises.

The celebrations were held at an unexpected venue, the Grey Lynn Bowling Club. After driving past the entrance four times, Jessica Francis and I managed to find the venue by following a few very suave looking musicians down a garden path.

On entry we were spoilt for choice with drinks and food. The atmosphere was the perfect mix of warmth and high society. Everyone was welcoming, the food smelt amazing and the music was fantastic. The venue was decked out with confetti, bunting and a giant disco ball.

Traditional 21st style speeches were given by those who had been friends, colleagues and collaborators with Kate Sylvester over the years. Wayne Conway, Kate’s partner in business and life ended the speeches beautifully with a gift to Kate -the best burlesque dance I have ever seen. A stunning dancer swapped layers from past collections with champagne. A night of high spirited drinking and dancing followed. 

On entry we were given an envelope with a key and chain inside. Included were instructions to keep an eye on social media for further instruction. After a lot of speculation over what it could open, I spotted a post on the Kate Sylvester Facebook page prompting those with keys to head to a KS store. In store there was a blue safe. I tried my key and it worked! Inside was a beautiful bottle of champagne. The lovely lady in Ponsonby KS wrapped it up and I shared it later that day at a friends birthday celebration.

Thanks Kate Sylvester for a wonderful night!