2016. The Year of Mobile. Again.

By Lance O'Grady

2016 is going to bring a number of changes to the way our customers are browsing. Mobile is well and truly in full swing. Back in 2012, mobile traffic made up a small percentage of any websites total traffic, but as we move into 2016, most brands are seeing more than 50% of their traffic coming from mobile. 

What does that mean?

Firstly, you need to make sure your site actually works on mobile. If Google's threats to remove you from rankings last year wasn't enough to motivate you to get a mobile site, your customers not being able to buy anything from you should get the wheels moving.

Secondly, you need to consider how people are consuming mobile in relation to your other channels. Revenue on mobile still isn't that great. It's climbing, but desktop is still where a lot of people prefer to complete their purchase. But mobile is an important part of any omni-channel strategy. Are your customers browsing on their phone, then completing the sale on their computer? Are they browsing on their phone, then heading to the store to buy? Or worse, are they browsing on their phone, and going any buying from somewhere else?

Run through your mobile experience and mull over these points:

  1. Is this experience what my customers expect?
  2. Does this experience flow nicely into (or from) my desktop experience?
  3. Does this experience inspire me to head in-store to complete my purchase?

If not, get someone to give you a hand, because by the end of 2016 we might be waving goodbye to desktop traffic on some sites.

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