Facebook is #onboard

By Lance O'Grady

Up until now, Facebook had one thing missing. The social discovery tool that dominated Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Hashtags. Hashtags never physically worked on Facebook, with many users #takingthepiss and hash tagging nearly everything. Today all that changes, with Facebook announcing that hashtags will infact be clickable.

"... Hashtags on Facebook allow you to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of a larger discussion. When you click on a hashtag in Facebook, you'll see a feed of what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic."

What you can do...

Search for a specific hashtag from your Facebook search bar. For example, #PocketSquare

Click on hashtags that originate on other platforms, including Instagram and Twitter

Control the audience for your posts including any hashtags attached. Keeping privacy at the forefront

How this helps you... 

Hastags enable you to more easily discover what is trending, research a topic, or find insights into your audience. This in turn gives you up to the minute knowledge from real people.

The hashtag functionality can give your business exposure, but you've got to use it right.

How to hashtag... 

"To make a hashtag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase written as one word and add it to your post"

For example, New blog post up on the site, check it out! #PocketSquare #businessadvice

Simplicity is key when using hashtags in posts. Don't use more than two in any post, keep them short, sharp and simple, and try to keep them out of the main body of text.

How has hashtagging helped your business? 

Ref: Facebook Newsroom - http://newsroom.fb.com/News/633/Public-Conversations-on-Facebook

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