NZFW Day One Roundup

By Lance O'Grady

Today marks the first day of NZ Fashion Week, and boy what a day it was. After picking up our passes/goodie bags this afternoon (and spending some time rifling through), we made our way to the Opening Night Party. Dame Pieter Stewart was the first to take the mic with an inspiring speech about where the NZ fashion industry is currently sitting, and reminding everyone that "online" is not "dirty word".  "I don't see it as a dent or a challenge. I think a lot of people do, but basically online is just another store". Many designers already have their own physical presence, so it makes perfect sense that they launch online. To help NZ fashion designers get exposure online, Fashion Week are launching what they are calling "Fashion at First Sight" - An online portal with shots from each show, where visitors can click through directly to each designer's online store.

Stewart says that Fashion Week has evolved with the economy and designers, and as a result has gone "more digital". The trend is now for designers to sell directly to customers, as opposed to trade only and as a result, Fashion Week will be more open to the public, with Friday-Sunday being fully accessible to everyone who wants to check it out.

John Key was next up, and after a few jokes about his daughter's recent food-related creativity, he went ahead and praised the NZ Fashion Industry. John, it was good of you to come - it shows everyone that we take this industry seriously (both locally and internationally) and people should pay attention to all the designers featuring this week.

We'll be posting daily updates about what's happening. Tomorrow's shows include:

  • Twenty Seven Names
  • Coop by Trelise Cooper
  • Lela Jacobs
  • Hailwood
  • Zambese

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