Personalising the customer experience

By Lance O'Grady

Customers love a good personalised experience when it comes to browsing the web. Customers are far more likely to respond to email campaigns, or convert on your site if the experience is somewhat tailored to them. Because we're still in the 21st century there are some technological limitations that can't make the experience as personalised as humanly possible, however you can get pretty clever these days.

The most common way to personalise the browsing experience for your customers is through email campaigns. If you've set up MailChimp or another email tool before you'll probably remember just capturing your customers first name and email address. All good email campaign tools can collect any data you want from your customers. What they are purchasing, what they are putting in their wishlist, their location etc. Why not use this data in your email campaigns to create a really targeted email campaign? Imagine the results you would get if you sent an email to a customer that read:

"Hi Vicky (assuming their name is actually Vicky), We can see you like [Insert product name here], and just for today, we're going to give you 20% off. Need it for the weekend? Don't worry, our shipping is so fast we can have it delivered to [insert location here] within 24 hours"

With a few mail merge tags you've created a highly personalised email campaign that gives the impression that you know your customer.

You can even get tricky with on-site personalisation. Once they're logged into their customer account you can show them content relevant to them (based off their customer data). If you know they keep looking at a certain category and not purchasing, you could remind them of a sale that's currently on with products from that category. The possibilities are endless, and believe me when I say this - personalisation can go a long way.

Why not give it a go. Just start by including your customers name in the email campaign throughout. Easy.

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