What reports should I be looking at?

By Lance O'Grady

Signing in to Google Analytics can be overwhelming. There's hundreds of reports in there, and if you add on segments and other filters you're easily in the thousands.

We tend to set up a few key reports for our clients that give them the key information they need to see, and can chat through any extra detail they want with us. The reports are:

eCommerce Dashboard

This is the report with all the top level reporting. Total visits, bounce rate, sessions by location, eCommerce conversion rate and revenue are some of the key metrics we highlight here.

This is great for a top level online report, great for weekly meetings to show a snapshot of how the site is performing.

Social Media Dashboard

Tracking social media performance on site is becoming critical as more and more resource is being spent managing this space. We recommend tracking sessions by social source, revenue by social source, top social campaigns and top email campaigns. 

This quickly allows you to measure up the performance of your social channels. If the revenue is low, don't give up, make changes and try again.

Mobile Performance Dashboard

Using the eCommerce dashboard as a base, start looking at your top line metrics just for mobile to understand how this site works differently from the desktop. Although on average, 35% of total traffic is coming from mobile, you'll tend to notice a lower conversion and higher bounce rate from these people.

Start with these to get a good level of insight to how your site is working. Don't worry about site flow charts, goal funnels & treemap reports just yet.

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