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Pro Active Improvement

As we are immersed in fashion and retail, we are at the forefront of strategies and methodology that work in our industry.

Pro-Active Improvement is a collaborative partnership between you and Pocket Square that focuses on increasing the performance of online and offline channels using these strategies and methodologies.

Pro-Active Improvement gives you access, knowledge and expertise not only as a source of new ideas and a sounding board of yours, but also the expertise to implement these ideas through our measured and scalable process. Each month, Pocket Square will work closely with you to plan and execute improvements across the business.


Pro-Active Improvement includes strategy, analytics, user experience expertise and 25 hours of website development to complete features you're hoping to see on the current site, as well as any new features & improvements we may come up with that will have a positive impact on site performance/customer experience.

Pro-Active Improvement will give you the strategic thinking and implementation resource required to continue the growth and refinement of the brand through digital channels.



Customers are the life blood of retail, and an effective and efficient customer acquisition strategy is imperative to remaining competitive.

Pocket Square will work with you to roll out targeted advertising and remarketing to the right audiences using content created by you. Our goal is to ensure maximum customer acquisition for ever dollar spent on media.

We work across key media channels including Facebook, Instagram, AdRoll & Adwords to give you effective coverage and exposure through social and web channels driving social reach, engagement and revenue.


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