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Pocket Square understand the lifestyle consumer, and working together we can think up the best plan to achieve your goals. If you're looking for help growing online, we should chat.

Everyone's goals are different, and so are the services we offer each of our customers. Pocket Square understand the lifestyle consumer, and working together we can think up the best plan to achieve your goals. If you're looking for help in any of these areas, we should chat.


Web Design & Creative

We understand the balance between beautiful design and functionality is crucial. Building a brand isn’t all about design and pushing product, it’s about how you make your customers feel.  

Technology & Development

There's more to any business than a nice looking website and a well-oiled strategy. We work with brands to help roll out and improve the brains behind the business.


Engaging your customers on Social Media is critical for the growth of any brand. How do you talk to them? What do you talk about? Are they talking back? We'll work with you to plan our your social content, manage your communities and create an experience that is just that. Social.


One of the easiest ways to grow revenue is to increase traffic. We work with our clients to manage their media spend, getting the right creative, backed by the right strategy, in front of the right customers through social, email and other online advertising platforms.


Strategy is about knowing where things fit and what are the right things to do next.

What is the most effective social channel?
What should my conversion rate be?
How should I engage my customers without creeping them out?
What should we do next?

Pocket Square have played a huge role in getting Superette to where it is today. You only have to listen to our customers feedback and the comments of other retailers to know we are in a good place and that’s thanks to Pocket Square.
— James Rigden, Superette

Pocket Square are Shopify Plus Experts. We're part of an elite group around the world, one of only 5 in Australasia and the first of our kind in New Zealand.

Our team work with our clients to custom design and develop the Shopify experience to match their brand aesthetic and voice, then help them grow through ongoing marketing and strategy.


We've got plenty of experience in a range of platforms and systems. Here are some of our favourites.

Shopify Plus is great for enterprise level clients, but if you're not quite there yet (and we do mean yet...) don't worry, Shopify is a great fit to help you reach your goals. 

Facebook is a powerful customer acquisition tool when used correctly. We're in Facebook Ads manager everyday using the newest, most cost effective techniques to reach our clients customers, and the results are amazing.

We've worked on Magento for years, and have a team of Magento Certified Developers. Magento is the perfect platform for brands wanting to customise their customers' experience because we have full control over the platform.

Google Analytics is our bread and butter of data and insight. Our entire team live in Google Analytics and any design, development or marketing decisions are formed using actual customer browsing data.

Here are some other systems we work with.

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