Think you've done everything you can with Shopify? Think again.

Thinking it might be time to move from Shopify to Shopify Plus? Here’s some of the symptoms we see when it’s time to take the plunge:

  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Sites are no longer on the 'maybe' list.
  • You want to create a more unique checkout process for your brand including key value props, additional fields (eg Authority to Leave, Specific Delivery Dates)
  • You’re looking to automate repetitive backend processes to assist customer segmentation, fraud protection or loyalty.
  • You run sales events and want to automate the changes to pricing, add automated tasks, or change the look and feel of the site on launch.
  • You’re paying Shopify Transaction Fees close to the monthly cost of Plus but not getting any of the Plus benefits.

We’ve put together a whitepaper documenting the best Shopify Plus features that we believe make the biggest difference to retail brands.

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