Pocket Square work with high growth, highvolume B2C and B2B businesses, so it’s fair to say, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve.

Plan & Implement

Without the correct multi-channel architecture, it’s difficult to offer customers the best experience. We understand the common problems that come with an underperforming architecture and work to remedy those problems.

Design & UX

Our Design and UX team create seamless, user-centric designs that showcase your brand and supercharge your revenue. We’ll work together to create the perfect design that not only meets your brief, but makes sure your website stays easy to manage. We don’t just design to convert, we design to retain. Expect your customers to leave delighted, and keep coming back for more.

Most current projects:
Front-End Development
Replatforming & Data Migration
Systems' Integration & Custom App Development
International Expansion

Scale & Refine

We utilise the most up-to-date methodologies to grow. Advanced segmentation and CRM campaigns, data-led improvements based on customer browsing and purchasing habits and cross-channel campaigns to drive customer engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimisation
Speed & Performance Enhancement
CRM Strategy, Automation & Segmentation
Technical SEO & Advertising
Continuous Site Improvement

Some of our clients

"With Pocket Square you know you are getting the best of the best. Their strategic approach, combined with practical application, is second to none I have seen or worked with. I would (and actively do) recommend them for every business wanting partners and results with their digital strategy."

Jacki Bresic ,
Managing Director, FABRIC

"Lance and the Pocket Square team are a high performing, incredibly astute team and in my view experts in everything Shopify. I cannot commend them highly enough on the Magento to Shopify Plus migration work we just recently collaborated on."

Gisela Montello-Bruce ,
Digital Marketing Manager, Trilogy Natural Products

"We have really enjoyed working with Pocket Square. We changed from Magento to Shopify Plus and it was an extremely smooth transition. Pocket Square have gone above and beyond to make our requests come to fruition. We are super happy with the ongoing expertise available to us from the Pocket Square team."

Claire Hammon ,
Creative Director/Founder of Meadowlark

"We have had the pleasure of working with Pocket Square for the last 18 months - ever since they tendered for and consequently rebuilt our website. As a result of that rebuild, we're seeing the best e-commerce performance we've ever witnessed. They've been fantastic partners to have - constantly pushing us to improve our experience and meet industry best practice. They get our brand and they understand the e-commerce retail experience - couldn't ask for more."

Jo Bye ,
Head of Digital at Ecoya

"We have worked with Pocket Square for several years now on a number of key projects including improvements to our Shopify Plus website, design for the launch of our in-house brand, Shine On Label, and technical assistance for a major inventory integration. We have found the work that Pocket Square completes for us is consistently high quality. The team have a good range of complementary skills and are more than just technical experts; they have a particularly good understanding of the importance of brand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at Pocket Square."

Cliff Hopkins ,
Managing Director, Shine On

"Pocket Square have played a huge role in getting Superette to where it is today. You only have to listen to our customers feedback and the comments of other retailers to know we are in a good place and that’s thanks to Pocket Square."

James Rigden ,
Founder of Superette

Both Shopify & Shopify Plus offer unparalleled stability, security and customisation over other platforms, but which is right for you? We’ve outlined some of the key reasons we see our customers pick one over the other.

Shopify Plus
  • Want their marketing team to manage the site, not their IT team
  • Key priority is stability and ease of use to drive growth
  • Annual online revenue between $0-1.5m
Shopify Plus
  • Looking to expand into international markets
  • Require more advanced customisations including checkout process, loyalty and discounting capabilities
  • Need to streamline their operations through process automation
  • Annual online revenue exceeds (or forecast to exceed) $1.5m

We only partner with the best

We know that the systems that run your business are critical, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the leading ERP, POS and Inventory Management Systems to create integrations into Shopify & Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus
Retail Express

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