Dynamic Remarketing should be one of your most powerful and cost effective channels for engaging existing site traffic and encouraging them to come back and purchase from you. If you don't already have it, get it set up now.

We've leveraged social media advertising for years now and it's always seen one of the best ROIs for new and return traffic acquisition, however for a while there was a real gap when it came to remarketing.

The Facebook Pixel we know and love today was released and all of a sudden remarketing got a lot easier, and a lot more powerful. It was easy to create audiences based off entire site traffic, people who converted, people who didn't or people who performed certain actions like added something to their cart or performed a site search. 

One of the most powerful features that came out of the pixel that is an absolute must-have for any brand is dynamic remarketing. Dynamic remarketing allows you to target the people who have been browsing your site and show them the specific products they were looking at. 

Most people don't buy on their first visit to a site. They might get distracted, want to shop around, or think about it for a while (which is common in fashion where products tend to be a little pricier) so it's no longer reasonable to assume people are going to click and buy at that exact moment. Dynamic remarketing allows you to present the products they fell in love with via social and remind them why they wanted them in the first place, as well as introduce key brand value propositions to encourage them to shop from your brand (Free shipping, free returns, we accept Afterpay).

We run Dynamic Remarketing campaigns for all clients who engage our Media Management services and can see a fantastic ROI across the board. The setup is a little more complex than the standard pixel and it does require you to create a product feed that's regularly updated so Facebook can present the appropriate information (images, pricing, names, inventory). 

If you're keen to get Dynamic Remarketing underway but you're not sure how, contact us and we can walk you through what's involved.

"Most people don't buy on their first visit to a site. They might get distracted, want to shop around, or think about it for a while."

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