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Does Live Chat Work?

Short answer, yes.

Live chat is a great sales and customer service tool for fashion designers and retailers. It allows customers to have their questions asked and answered quickly so they can get on with the purchase without waiting to hear back via email.

Imagine going into a retail store, browsing around, asking the retail assistant if the top you're looking at comes in any other colours, then having to wait 2 days to hear back.  That's basically what email does to the purchase experience. You're ready to buy, but want a few quick questions answered, and now you have to wait a day or so to hear back.

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Shopping online is meant to be easy

The continued shift to online shopping is dramatic, and yet there are so many extra hurdles in the way for online shopping that can never happen offline. When was the last time someone asked for your password before you could buy the groceries?

E-commerce brands need to take a critical look at their online shopping experience, and ask if there are any unnecessary hurdles in the process that they could remove to make things easier for their customers.

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A touch of madness

Creating a visual culture through campaigns and advertising is an essential part of distinguishing your brand, and if anyone knows how to create an interesting brand culture it's Stolen Girlfriends Club. The campaign for their new Verbal Warning collection is a testament to this, with collaged photo montages part-'Girl Interrupted'-part-'Virgin Suicides', Stolen Girlfriends Club has struck a note with the madness in all of us with this one, sitting somewhere between the dubious concept of purity and the excitement of the undefined verges of hysteria. They know their market well and have managed to create a visual culture which will likely resonate through a wide range of ages, especially their main 18-25yr target. SGC have the opportunity to go full propaganda with these strong images and plaster the graphic symbolism all over the city in a guerrilla style takeover that I believe their customers would appreciate.

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